How to Transfer Money in E-wallet


You may transfer your funds from your Winclub88 main E-wallet to any of the games’ wallets such as SG Fishing, Maxbet Sports, 4D, E-sports and etc to start playing.

Mobile Version

  1. Login to Winclub88 with your existing account and click “Transfer” on navigation bar located at the bottom of the page.
  1. Choose the game wallet that you want to transfer your money from.
  1. Choose the game wallet that you want to transfer your money to.
  1. Insert the amount of money that you wish to transfer. Kindly note that the transfer amount could not be higher than what the existing wallet has.
  1. Click “Submit” and you are done!
  1. You can also choose “All In”, which allows you to transfer the balance from all game wallet to the main wallet at once.

Desktop Version

Please refer the step as below to transfer: -

  1. Login your Account to enter “E-Wallet”
  2. Click on “Transfer” first to enter our Transfer Page.
  3. Transfer from the main wallet and to the game wallet you wish to transfer.

Lastly, click on “Transfer” button to proceed.

To transfer money in E-Wallet and start the games in WinClub88

  1. Minimum transfer is MYR1
  2. 4D Lottery Wallet will be locked during 7pm to 9pm.

Transfer Money in E-wallet Now & Start Playing

You can start playing in your selected game now!

DO contact us at Winclub88 Live Chat if you need further explanation. Our Live Chat support team is 24/7 online to assist you!